There has been a lot of talk about the new immigration laws and their effect on immigrants or visitors to the United States. The traditional forms to immigrate have pretty much remained the same. These laws still grant visas on the basis of employment, extraordinary abilities, political asylum, family based petitions for immediate family members (parents, sons and daughters who are not 21 years of age, and spouses) of American citizens. What has suffered is the notion of “spontaneous immigration.” That is, “going to the States, remaining there and then figuring out how to stay.” When people are planning to leave their home countries they have usually worked out a detailed departure plan. Most mistakes are made because people forget to plan their immigration and integration to the new country. Nowadays it is absolutely critical to have a planned and well-informed strategy as to how to immigrate to the States. The tourist visa B-1/B-2 does not work for this purpose. When you enter the States with this visa you are essentially telling the officials that your intention is not to stay, that you are only coming for a limited amount of time. In spite of this, several studies conducted by the United States’ Government have shown that 80% of today’s unlawfully present immigrants entered the States with this kind of visa and decide to remain. It is for this precise reason that the majority of the new immigration laws have focused on counteracting this kind of violation.


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