Most of all non-immigrant applicants arrive to the United States with a B-1/B-2 visa stamped on their passports. These visas allow you to enter the US on a “temporary basis” and are usually extended for six months.
The treaty or investor visa. These visas depend on a treaty of commerce between the U.S. and the foreign national’s country. Those qualifying for the E-1 (Trader) or E-2 (Investor) visas can pursue long term business objectives using these practical visas.
Commonly known as the professional visa. This visa is designed for employees who will be offered “professional jobs”. This is a term defined and interpreted by the Immigration and Nationality Act
Commonly known as the intercompany transferee visa. The key to this visa is that a) a U.S. corporation has an affiliate or subsidiary overseas and b) 51% of the shares of both the corporation abroad and the U.S
The O visa nonimmigrant visa category enables foreign nationals who have demonstrated extraordinary ability or extraordinary achievement in a variety of fields, or those who have critical skills and experience with such an individual, to obtain a temporary working visa
Florida has become the epicenter of trade with Latin America, and the Caribbean. As we grow in trade so must we grow in multinational skills; hence, the need for foreign nationals and their specialized expertise.