Most people start their process of immigration to the U.S. by getting an employment visa. This is a visa, not a permanent residence. Employment visas usually have a time limit of 6 or 7 years. If you are not a resident by that time, you should contact your lawyers, or you can reach out, and one of our lawyers will review your case to help you achieve your goals.
Permanent residency, better known as “the green card”, is provided to the immediate family members of American citizens and residents. Each relationship has a category and each category a specific waiting period based on the number of people applying during a particular year. There are several very important
Asylum may be granted to people who are already in the United States and are unable or unwilling to return to their home country because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, and membership in a particular social group or political opinion.
When faced with a legal problem, consulting with an attorney sooner rather than later will often save you time, trouble, and money in the end.