For YouCheck Case Status and Current Processing Times with USCIS

When you file a case with USCIS, you can track your application or petition (also referred to as “case”) as it moves through the immigration process by visiting and selecting the feature “check your case status”. You will need your 13-character receipt number which can be found on your receipt notice. It begins with three letters such as (EAC, WAC, LIN, or SRC). Dashes (“-“) should be omitted when entering a receipt number.

Direct link:

You can also visit USCIS’ webpage to see an estimate of how much time USCIS is taking to process your application or petition at its offices. To check the current USCIS Processing Times Information please visit:

Select the “Form” Type found on your receipt notice and the “Field Office or Service Center” processing your case. This information is usually found at the bottom of your receipt on the left-hand side. Then scroll down to find the classification for the form for which you are checking. The date found in next to this classification is the date that USCIS is currently processing for that type of case.


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