Firm News & MediaDuring 2018 Antonia and Michelle Canero Met with Several Members of Congress

Canero Immigration Law Firm strives to change “what is” into “what should be”.

During 2018 Antonia Canero and Michelle Canero met with members of congress and  discussed immigration policy matters with them.

Advocacy is the key to effecting change and creating a better social and political environment for all.  It is through the deliberate process of advocacy that Canero Immigration can speak out on issues important to our clients. As a Firm, how can we speak out on these issues? By communicating with the elected officials representing us at all levels of government. Too often, people believe that they do not have the power to effect change in Washington. Nothing can be further from the truth— studies have shown that constituent opinion is the most deciding factor when members of Congress face a vote. This is empowering information. It means that you, as a constituent, can help your Representatives and Senators make informed policy decisions. In order to use your power, you must first take the initiative to communicate with your members of Congress. Only by doing so, can you build a relationship that is fruitful for both you and them.

Current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Newly Elected Congresswoman Donna Shalala.

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Former U.S Senator Bill Nelson

Congressman Ted Deutch

Congressman Eliot Engel