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Visas based on employment petitions or investments
Legal representation in Immigration Court
Immigrant visas based on family petitions
Visas based on skills and extraordinary habilites, including self-petitions
Legal representation in deportation process
Legal representation in the asylum process
Immigration waivers including unlawful presence waivers and waivers for criminal conduct.
Legal representation in the citizenship process

WHAT WE DODefining success together

We understand where you come from and we know how to get where you want to go. We take pride in solving our clients’ immigration issues. With over 55 years of combined experience, Canero Lammers Immigration Law Group is dedicated to providing our clients with informed, tailored and effective legal advice.

We are committed to sustainable development, which begins with our clients. We look at each person who becomes our client as a long-term commitment and we seek solutions, which will reach long-term goals for our clients.

WHAT WE DOHow can we help you?

When a client retains us we elicit their long-term goals. Our solutions are based on the business practice and expertise of the client. We refuse to recommend visas based on cookie cutter solutions, the visa must match the immigrants skills and goals. This is the only way to ensure a sustainable outcome. A visa is not a piece of paper; it is a lifestyle, with limitations.

We ask our clients to be partners in achieving these solutions. We have an open-door philosophy, which encourages clients to come and discuss changes they plan to make and how this affects their immigration status. A conversation can deflect a potential immigration disaster.


Visas based on employment petitions


Spouse, children, siblings, parents, fiancé, etc.

NON-IMMIGRANT VISASInvestment and Talent

Extraordinary ability? or Investment Opportunity?

REMOVAL DEFENSERepresentation in Immigration Court

We represent clients all over the nation in Immigration Court

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